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All we are is Consciousness and Love

ICUC Is An International Platform To Expand Your Consciousness

We are a team of experienced professionals passionate about empowerment, self development and the unfolding of human spirit. We offer a wide range of services to address all aspects of human existence, physical, emotional, mental spiritual.

The focus of our work is on the experience. Our internal & external experiences leave impressions on our souls. These impressions shape who we are and, often, separate us from who we truly & wholly are.

We facilitate a process of transformation through experiences, whether is through psychotherapy, energy healing, coaching, intuitive therapy, a workshop or a retreat. We create an alliance to uncover, heal & give meaning to unknown parts of one’s self.  From that point of view, life is a continuous learning journey,  a journey that leads to the unity of one’s consciousness, the pure essence of the soul.

Healing one’s own splits brings a sense of wholeness & deep connection with everything there is & allows for the creation of a peaceful & fulfilling life with awareness and love.


Discover your own wisdom to improve your life!
Our workshops facilitate an experiential process of learning through reflective & practical tools

Create Your Conscious Life

Design & create a more conscious life & enjoy the benefits

 Begin Your Healing Journey

Apply the basic principles of healing to begin your own healing process

Meaningful relationships

Define your fulfilling relationships & take the first steps to create them

Easy access. Enjoyable learning

Use any device & explore your inner wisdom


Empower people & organisations to create meaningful & fulfilling lives


Humanity to awaken to & embody its full potential as part of One consciousness


‘’One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but
by making the darkness conscious



We are a team of experienced & knowledgeable facilitators who work from the heart with passion & humility


Ryre Cornish

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Panos Goumalatsos

Founder of ICUC, Integrative Psychotherapist & Energy Healer

Dr. Lindy McMullin

Adjunct Professor, Quantum Field Therapist, Holistic Practitioner


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