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ICUC offers a unique platform where everyone who works professionally on self development from a consciousness perspective can show their work to the world, attract new work & join a like minded network.

We created the membership directory for two reasons:

1. Make it easy & effective for people to find the professional that ‘feels right’ for them &

2. Connect professionals with similar worldview, interests & purpose. We use social media platforms & events to create a network of like minded people to stay in touch

For a small yearly fee we carefully choose our members for their training, integrity, experience & values and we continuously review our members’ status

Our members are appropriately qualified, insured and agreeable to our terms of reference.

The terms below describe the basic principles of an ICUC member:

  1. Members are appropriately qualified, insured and hold a relevant professional membership.
  2. Members operate on certain code of ethics which are known to client from the beginning of their work
  3. Information sharing and contact between professionals and clients are confidential and follow the country’s relevant legislation. Information can only be shared if the client or someone else are in danger or upon request by any legitimate authority.
  4. Members ensure at all times that they treat their clients with respect, dignity and out of best intentions for the clients.

If for any reason they can not follow these, they commit to refrain from seeing clients and seek professional (supervisory or other) help.

  1. Members agree to allow clients the take ownership of their process (therapeutic, healing, self development, learning) and to respect and follow its natural rhythm.
  2. Members are required to handle any complaints and the termination of a working relationship with sensitivity and respect


The process to become a member is simple:

  1. Fill in the form below
  2. Once approved, you will be sent a link to pay your annual fee
  3. Pay your fee & your profile is created
  4. Enter your professional profile and details
  5. Update your details anytime
  6. Close to expiring date, request to renew your annual membership


Enjoy the benefits of the membership and keep in touch with any feedback at!