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All we are is Consciousness and Love

 International Centre To Expand Your Consciousness

We are passionate about empowerment, self development and the unfolding of human spirit!

Life is a journey through experiences  -both positive & negative- that either nurture, challenge or hinder our souls’ qualities.

Especially early life experiences and our responses to them form a ‘felt sense‘ and a ‘program‘ of what the world is like and who we are within it.

That is, we often split between the shadow of who we truly are- what we feel- and the light of what we show to the world.

The split then occurs in all the interconnected aspects of human existence, physical, emotional, mentalspiritual.


Our aim is to facilitate processes of awareness and transformation, through new experiences, that heal one’s own splits and bring a sense of wholeness & deep connection with everything there is!

Whether is through psychotherapy, coaching, energy healing, intuitive therapeutic tools, thematic workshops and retreats, we create an alliance to uncover, heal & give meaning to all parts of one’s Self. We strongly feel that each method has something valuable to offer in this journey.

A journey that leads to the unity of one’s own consciousness, the pure essence of their soul and allows for the creation of a peaceful and fulfilling life with awareness and love.


Discover your own wisdom to improve your life!
Our workshops facilitate an experiential process of learning through reflective & practical tools

Create Your Conscious Life

Design & create a more conscious life & enjoy the benefits

 Begin Your Healing Journey

Apply the basic principles of healing to begin your own healing process

Meaningful relationships

Define your fulfilling relationships & take the first steps to create them

Easy access. Enjoyable learning

Use any device & explore your inner wisdom


Empower people & organisations to create meaningful & fulfilling lives


Humanity to awaken to & embody its full potential as part of One consciousness


‘’One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but
by making the darkness conscious”



We are a team of experienced & knowledgeable facilitators who work from the heart with passion & humility

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Panos Goumalatsos

Founder of ICUC, Integrative Psychotherapist & Energy Healer


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