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We are all part of a Unified Field that is expressed & connected through energy. We can not actually see energy, but we can see its effects such as heat, light, attraction and so on. Like a physical body that is all connected with nerves, veins and liquids which we do not always see, but we know they exist through their work.

Our bodies gain energy through the breaking down of food into nutrients in order to survive and function.

Our feelings (e-motions) are vibrational energy, either released or stored, in our bodies that inform us of our state of being in relation to internal and external situations.

Our minds operate by processing information and thoughts that have have some meaning to us and we, then, communicate them through words and other means.

What we call soul or spirit that leaves our bodies after our physical death, is pure energy that gets released and never dies.

Shamanic Healing is the process where the healer channels with intention the universal energy that we are all made and are part of. The person’s field, physical, emotional & mental bodies, absorb the energy and use it to restore the balance and the flow in the person’s field. You can imagine it as a software upgrade, where a program fixes some bugs and ensures that the organism works as best as it can according to its needs and desires.

It can be applied for physical, emotional, mental & spiritual disturbances. It does not replace, but supplements traditional medicine and the results vary from person to person. It can be experienced as feeling more calm, relief through crying, feeling lighter, feeling more connected, deeply understand something and so on.

Even if nothing is experienced consciously, the healing still occurs in a subtle level and the person can experience the benefits days, weeks even months later. As it directly comes from the ‘wisdom of all’, it knows how much energy can be received and integrated by the person receiving.

It is important to form an alliance with the healer and to gain mutual trust that they want the best for you and they are offering themselves for this purpose.

A Shamanic Healing session usually lasts 75 minutes, including a short brief and debrief to ensure the safety and grounding of the person.


Are you ready to experience the power of the universe?

‘’..Energy therapy helped me understand and trust: my instincts, my body and the strength and value

that exists within us all, as a whole…


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