Intuitive Tools

Intuitive tools are creative tools such as drawing, myth, visualisations and others that are drawn either from traditions, theoretical frameworks or self discoveries. They are used to illuminate, align and synchronise the current reality of an individual with their pure and ultimate essence. As every process it happens gradually and with the respect of the individual's own pace.

Myth Therapy

Myth Therapy uses the myth and story telling as a therapeutic method to unfold a person’s true nature.

Heroes, Gods and Goddesses are ancient archetypes that emerged through the quest for knowledge about
the nature of human ‘being’. Through a different form of Mindfulness (Nepsychia), incorporated
into special exercises you can enhance your inner intuition and open your mind to experience realization of
self through self-discovery.

The duration of a Myth therapy session is 90 minutes and it includes process work and reflection time.

The process of integration of the lessons and messages from the exploration of the myth it can be completed in up to six sessions.

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Quantum Transformation Therapy

Quantum Transformation Therapy is a unique therapy developed by Dr. Lindy McMullin over years of experience, to suit the unique nature of each individual.
Primarily focused on images and symbols that could be past life impressions or patterns carried through epigenetically, this depth therapy transforms the psychic and emotional body. Sessions last from 90 minutes through to 120 minutes and the cost of each session is on a sliding scale accordingly.
A minimum of ten sessions is recommended as an introduction to this way of being, which promotes self-healing and self -actualization.

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Angel Healing Therapy

Angel Healing Therapy works with the angels, archangels and ascended masters to assist with healing, grounding and protection, inspiration and fulfilment, gratitude and happiness. During this powerful healing I will channel and call upon the angelic light beings to assist you with whatever intention or problem you are facing in your everyday life.

You will have the opportunity to reconnect with your spirit guides, discover your angelic allies and receive messages from spirit.

It will be a very full-hearted, soothing and relaxing experience which will put you in light trance and release everything that no longer serves you, remove any negativity, clear blockages and open the forward to clear mind. It will be the beginning of living an intentional life. Angels are there to help everyone…but you do have to ask for that help!

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Shamanic Healing

If you feel a little ‘lost’ in life, have gone through a big trauma or are looking for some clarity on what to do about a difficult situation, a shamanic healing session could be hugely beneficial. A shaman will simply act as the connection between you and your guides in the other realms, and make sure your soul is protected throughout the process. Some physical sensations may be felt but it’s all in the interest of healing your soul.

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Soul Retrieval

We all know a soulful person when we see one. They are comfortable in their own skin, feeling emotions fluidly as they arise and their thoughts are aligned with their higher purpose.
Soul is the part of us that exists beyond time and space and now is being throned in our body. Soul is the energy to follow our passions that connects to a higher purpose, is the deep voice within that urges us to do things. Soul is a mind that is clear of complaint, doubt and worry. It is able to make clear choices moment to moment without thinking about it.
The soul can be free or it can be imprisoned by the ego. Soul retrieval help us free our soul.

Soul can also leave the body during times of stress and trauma and can occur at any age. This is what we call soul loss. A shamanic practitioner is able to travel the lower world or upper world and find the missing fragments of the soul that will be brought back and restore our jest for life. The results of a soul retrieval are unique for everyone. Some people will experience joy, curiosity, or expansiveness and others will feel quiet, still and sleepy after a soul retrieval.

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Trapped Emotions Healing

In these Healing session we will uncover, locate recognise and dissolve all the painful emotions that are trapped inside of you and are hindering your progress. We will be able to clear them right away and this will effectively “metabolize” and eliminate pain. The Emotion Code shows us a safe and gentle and very effective way to release those effects of trauma and trapped energy that are deep within us – even far deeper than our consciousness.
Consciousness is only 10% of the entire brain. Subconscious is 90%. It archives and remembers everything we do. Like a binary computer, we can ask “Yes” or “No” questions and get answers from our body. Subconscious is a database of all that is. Heart is the seat of the subconscious mind  Subconscious mind is submerged in an ocean of universal intelligence universal intelligence
Information about trapped emotions is in the subconscious. The subconscious mind knows already every imbalance in the body, all viruses, foods, etc. that came into the body, all thoughts and feelings are recorded in the body 
Through a simple muscle testing session we have access into that information thus following the system will be able to release it.
Overcoming difficult emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, and anxiety can bring the same disguised benefits that dealing with a physical illness can bring. Patients suffering from life-threatening illness often report that their diseases have taught them to love and value the other people in their lives more deeply than before they became ill. During recovery they learn to appreciate and understand areas of life that they took for granted before. While anger, fear, and worry are not diseases, we can grow from them even as we process them to become the person we want to be.
By turning to our inherent intelligence, harmony, and creativity, positivity and health can be restored.

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