Intuitive Tools

Intuitive tools are creative tools such as drawing, use of myth and arts & visualisations that derive from established traditions, theoretical frameworks or self discoveries.
They are being used to illuminate, align & synchronise the current reality of an individual with their pure & ultimate essence.
This process happens gradually with respect of the individual's own pace and experience.

Shamanic Healing

Is the process of channeling universal, abundant energy into an area of your physical, emotional and mental bodies. It does not substitute any other medicine, it works complementary to it.

If you feel pain or discomfort in your physical body, stress, anxiety or depression, feel a bit ‘lost’ and you are looking for some clarity on what to do about a challenging situation, a shamanic healing session could be hugely beneficial.

Our thought, feelings, body functions are interconnected energetic fields. As shamans have been doing for many centuries, a grounded and well trained shamanic healer, will listen to you deeply & work with you to identify energetic blockages in your field. Then, the use of higher vibrationally energy will work to remove those blockages with your permission and assist you in gaining a better understanding of their root causes.

This works is sacred and should be used with respect and safety as it draws from non material, non visible, unconscious realms.

As a client you are always participating and influence the process and you can give feedback during and after the session. The shamanic healer can also provide you feedback on felt experiences, if you would like to receive it.

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