Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching is the targeted process, where a person recognises self defined dysfunctional thinking, feeling and behaving patterns and decides to change them. This change is being directed by the person’s own values which they commit to honour in their every day lives.

Any desired changes are being defined by the vision and goals the client wants to achieve in the short or the long term for their lives. It differs from counselling and psychotherapy as it is a shorter and more goal oriented process.

​The process can last from 6 to 12 sessions or a bit longer depending on the person’s desired progress, and the outcomes are jointly defined and measured. The client is often given some exercises in the form of ‘homework’ to complete, in order to continue the process of the desired transformation.

The transformational coach is a non judgemental supporter of the person’s vision and goals. We use best suited, sometimes creative tools, provide feedback and encourage the client to acknowledge their strengths, their goals and their areas of development. Together they design the route and the steps forward and reflect on the process as it progresses.

Transformational Coaching at ICUC draws upon various theories and practices including traditional life coaching, NLP, positive psychology and creative methods, such as visualisations, adjusting them to suit each client’s unique nature and needs. The client is encouraged to safely come up with their own realisations and solutions that they want to implement.

The road to success and fulfilment often include the steps of goal clarification, addressing beliefs and obstacles that hold back, defining life values, productive and supportive reflection, integration of lessons and conscious risk taking and commitment.

Transformational coaching begins with an hour long initial assessment of the person’s needs and sessions can be purchased as individual sessions or as block of sessions with a discount.

Follow your heart’s desire and take the next step towards creating what you have been longing for!


Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better.”  Pat Riley

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